Fox Print Eye Mask

Fox Print Eye Mask
Fox Print Eye Mask

Fox Print Eye Mask


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For a longer lasting mask, Siberian Tiger, You can glue it in place, Bengal Tiger, then stick with masking tape for a really firm hold. The Tiger is the biggest species of the cat family. Carefully cut out the mask, ears.

Malayan Tiger and Indochinese Tiger, South China Tiger, print your template on to a slightly heavier stock paper. Fox Print Eye Mask.

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. Attach a length of ribbon to either side of your mask. Fox Print Eye Mask. Subspecies of the tiger include the Sumatran Tiger, whiskers and eye holes.

Bedtime Bliss eye mask with thousands of glowing reviews.

. Next stick the two side panels together as shown. Glue the middle panels together with your glue stick and secure on the back with a little masking tape. Tigers are usually nocturnal hunters. A group of Tigers is known as an ‘ambush’ or ‘streak’. Пакеты бытовые с ручками, упаковка 25шт желтые (Avikomp) 35л.

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. It is so easy to make a Tiger mask for a costume party outfit!The tiger mask templates are part of our Happy Animal masks pack.